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USA Today Article Quotes Miami Consumer Advocate Attorney Dana Manner

Posted on 02/07/13 by Dana Manner
USA Today

February 7, 2013 USA Today “Confident Consumer” reporter Jayne O’Donnell published an article on Yo-Yo car financing entitled “Don’t Take Car Until Loan is Final” (pdf copy of article). The article highlights many of the problems surrounding spot-delivery of cars to consumers (i.e. cars are delivered “on the spot” with a promise from the dealer […]

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Miami Car Dealers Fall Victim to Their Own Sales Practices

Posted on 10/15/12 by Dana Manner

After a year-long investigation into auto fraud by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, 9 suspects (including a Miami Beach police officer) were arrested last month on September 7, 2012   related to a scheme to defraud Miami-area car dealers, for nearly a half-million dollars. George Robert Navarro, 26, a Miami Beach police officer, was charged […]

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Florida Spot Delivery Case Still has Merit

Posted on 09/15/12 by Dana Manner

Car buyer Garrietta Vereen sued dealer Lou Sobh Automotive of JAX Inc. d/b/a Honda of the Avenues in Jacksonville, alleging that the dealer violated the Truth in Lending and Equal Credit Opportunity acts, Uniform Commercial Code and the state’s retail sales financing law, in a spot delivery case. Buyer also alleged that the dealer violated Florida’s […]

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Car Dealer Yo-Yo Scams Examined by Center for Responsible Lending

Posted on 07/04/12 by Dana Manner

A recent research report published by the Center for Responsible Lending entitled “Deal or No Deal: How Yo-Yo Scams Rig the Game against Car Buyers” examines the yo-yo scam used by car dealers.   “In the yo-yo scam, the dealer allows the customer to leave the lot on a spot delivery but pulls the consumer […]

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Spot Delivery aka “Yo-Yo” Sale – Florida Car Buyers Beware

Posted on 05/19/12 by Dana Manner
Young Woman at Dealership with New Car Key

In a spot delivery, the car dealer enters into a contract to sell you the car, and to finance it according to certain terms and conditions, only to later claim that they were unable to assign the contract to another finance company, but want you to come back (i.e. the car dealer pulls you back […]

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Florida Car Buyer Arrested after Dealer Claimed Financing Fell-Through in a Spot Delivery Sale

Posted on 03/31/12 by Dana Manner

A recent case in Florida’s 1st District Court of Appeals (Released for Publication March 6, 2012), illustrates the problems when Florida car buyers that enter into a “spot delivery” deal for the purchase of a vehicle. See: Lewis v. Morgan, 79 So. 3d 926 (Fla. Dist. Ct. App. 1st Dist. 2012). Escambia County Sheriff’s deputies arrested, […]

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