Canadian TV Exposes “Holes” in Carfax Vehicle History Reports

Posted on October 28, 2012 by Dana Manner

A Canadian TV broadcast (CBC’s “Marketplace” Canada’s Investigative Consumer Show) exposes holes “big enough to drive a truck through” in Carfax vehicle history reports. This video segment shows how many cars that appear to have clean vehicle histories can actually have hidden damage and prior repairs. Used car dealers can exploit these gaps in reporting, and sell cars to consumers claiming the vehicles have no prior collisions or other damage.

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Scroll the video forward to about 16:00 when the Carfax representative is put on the spot by the reporter:

  • CBC Reporter: “…the whole point of Carfax was to let him know if the truck he has was buying had any problems.”
  • Carfax Rep: “I’m sorry he was mistaken…”

This video also has a segment featuring Bernard Brown, a nationally recognized consumer advocate attorney from Kansas City who specializes in auto fraud cases.

Scroll ┬áthe video to about 4:00 to hear Bernard’s comments.