Archive: August, 2011

Elyakim v. BMW of North America LLC

Posted on 08/25/11 by Dana Manner

Elyakim v. BMW of North America LLC., 2011-0104/FTL (Fla. NMVAB August 25, 2011) The Consumer complained of intermittent creaking noises from the doors of his 2011 BMW X6 when the vehicle was being driven. The Consumer testified that, when he went on a test drive with the Manufacturer’s authorized service agent, the service agent did […]

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Meana v. Ford Motor Company

Posted on 08/24/11 by Dana Manner

Meana v. Ford Motor Company, 2011-0093/MIA (Fla. NMVAB August 24, 2011) To purchase the vehicle, the Consumer contributed a down payment of $2,250.00, and traded in a used 2005 Ford F-350 encumbered by debt in the amount of $21,000.00, for which a gross allowance of $20,000.00 was assigned, resulting in a net trade-in allowance of […]

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Fried v. Nissan Motor Corporation USA

Posted on 08/16/11 by Dana Manner

Fried v. Nissan Motor Corporation USA, 2011-0121/FTM (Fla. NMVAB August 16, 2011) The Consumers leased a 2010 Infiniti G37 and complained of a navigation system failure causing the navigation screen to display only lines and not “street names” in gated communities. The Consumers were both realtors who relied on the navigation screen to find homes […]

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Joffe v. Ford Motor Company

Posted on 08/04/11 by Dana Manner

Joffe v. Ford Motor Company, 2011-0096/FTL (Fla. NMVAB August 4, 2011) The Consumer had a 2010 Ford Taurus and complained that it pulled to the right; that there was a clicking noise in the left front hub assembly; and that the trunk lid was misaligned, resulting in damage to the rear bumper. In addition, there […]

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